Gift baskets

Donated by:   American Biosciences Inc.

Giftbasket 5- Pet Supplements - Sold

Giftbasket 6- Metatrol and Immpower- Available 

Giftbasket 7- Sleepsolve and Immpower- Sold

Gift Sertificate


Bodywork & Wellness 

Melinda Loo

Sold Thank You


Gift Sertificate

Donated by:  Noelle Spa

1100 High Ridge Road, Stamford

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Gift  basket  # 4

Gift  basket  # 3

Gift basket # 3

Donated by:  Kennedy, Barber Shop.

Assorted products by Kennedy's.

3 Months gift certificate pursuit of happiness membership.

-Ultimate signature haircuts. 

-Ultimate haircuts for any and all boys under 13 years old.

-Straight razor shave, facial or eyebrow/ear/nose,

wax once a month, and a set of Kennedy shave products,

( pre-shave oil, shave cream & after-shave lotion ). 

Value $ 450.-

Gift Card  # 6

Gift Card

Donated by:  Trips' Restaurant. 

348 Hope Street, Stamford

Sold Thank You


Gift Sertificate  #  7-8

 Gift basket  # 4

Donated by:   Reveal, hair salon.

Assorted hair products by Keratheraphy.

Value $ 150.-

Painting,  Guardians and Hope 

Donated by:  Oddny Loseth Velle,

an experienced  painter from Norway seeking spiritual enlightenment through painting and singing.  She is also an experienced mountain view landscape painter, and loves to paint with acrylic on canvas. 

Find here on the web, Oddny L

27,1/2" x 39,3/8"  -  70 x 100 cm.

 Artwork has been framed.

Painting # 1,  Icelandic Tundra 

Donated by:  Iris Aurdal.  

She is an extremely naturally talented painter from Norway,  who is inspired by the beautiful colors and light on Iceland. 

  She is also experienced  in portrait painting   

           and loves to paint with oil on canvas.                23,5/8" x 31,1/2"  - 60 x 80 cm.

Artwork Has been framed.

 Orchids of Life presents - Gifts and Donations 

Orchids of Life-Painting #  2

Acrylic on canvas:  Oddny Loseth Velle

Orchids of Life-Painting #  1

Oil on canvas : Iris Aurdal

Thank you for your donation.

Auction for-  Non-Toxic Cancer Research 

Orchids of Life

Gift of Pearls

Lia Sophia 

921 Hope Street,CT

Sold Thank You


Gift Card

Colombus Park Trattoria 

205 Main Street,Stamford CT

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3  Gift Sertificates

Donated by:  YB World Taekondo

81 High Ridge Rd. Stamford

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Gift Sertificate

Greenwich Cheese Company

154 Putnam Ave. Cos Cob, CT

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Gift Basket

Donated by:  Water Yourself

Shannon Malkin Daniels

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3 Gift Cards

Gift cards w/drink containers.

Donated by: Robeks

2397 Summer St. Stamford

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Donated by:  Snejana.

Luxury Gift Collection

Aromas Artesanales de  Antigua.

Rose Petale spa.

Sold Thank You 

 Spa  Collection # 8

Corporate Donation

Donated  July 24-2015

By New Resources Group, Inc. 

​Fairfield, CT 

Gift of Bracelet 

Heart of Gold

930 Hope Street, CT

Sold Thank You 


Marble Cake

Donated By:  Di Mare PasteryShop

Delissious Baked Goods

Donated for our party July 24-2015

​12 Largo Dr.  Stamford & 1245 Post Road Riverside, CT


Sport Water 330mg  



Donated for our party July 24-2015

By 2013 Sportswater Beverages,LLC

​Stamford CT 

2 Gift Sertificates

Layla's Falafel 

936 Highridge Road, CT

Sold Thank You 


80's Prom Sponsor Nov. 14-2015

Val's Putnam Wines & Liquores

152 West Putnam Ave.

Greenwich, CT


Gift Card

Donated by:  Zody's 19 th Hole  

451 Stillwater Road, Stamford and 

Zody's at Sterling

1349 Newfield Ave, Stamford

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Gift Sertificate

Donated by:  Hot Tin Roof

69 Cressent St. Stamford

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Thank you for your donations

Gift Card

B Nick's Pizza

522 Glenbrook Rd.

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Gift Sertificate

Pellicci's Restaurant

96 Stillwater Ave.  Stamford CT

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Cumber band and Bow tie

Serpe Bros Bedford St. Stamford CT

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Gift Sertificate

                           Mint Spa & Nail                                     

  2344 Summer ST.  CT

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3 Gift Sertificates

Center Ice Grill

1063 Hope St. Stamford CT

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Gift Sertificate

Amore Cucina & Bar 

921 Hope Street,CT

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Gift Sertificate + Organic Coffe

125 Bedford St.  

Stamford, CT

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Gift Sertificate


Kathleen Garcia

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